Royal Canin for Dogs

Royal Canin's best selection of dog food according to breed, size or ailment

Royal Canin Breed

One of Royal Canin's hallmarks is its concept of holistic health for pets. Based on this principle, Royal Canin has developed a high level of specialization that is clearly visible in the Breed product line. Royal Canin Breed dog food is a range of foods formulated to meet the specific needs of certain breeds of dogs. Thanks to the contribution of breeders and veterinarians, and its strong investment in R&D, Royal Canin offers the highest level of specialization in the market in dog breeds.

Royal Canin Size Healt Nutrition

Size is a fundamental element when choosing a good food for our dog. We all know that the nutritional needs are very different depending on the breed, whether it is small, medium, large or giant. The exclusive answers in nutrition and health for breed sizes of Royal Canin Size Healt Nutrition contemplate a high level of detail: Royal Canin Mini , Royal Canin Medium , Royal Canin Maxi , Royal Canin Giant satisfy all kinds of situations, including a specific line of feed for very small dogs or mini .

Veterinary feed Royal Canin Veterinary

One of the spaces in which Royal Canin demonstrates a greater sensitivity when it comes to attending to the way of life of our pets is without a doubt in the space of the veterinary feed , Royal incorporates the concept of health through a complete range of food for dogs, which offers both exclusive answers in terms of both Nutrition and Health, for sterilized dogs as different veterinary diets that through exclusive formulas that act preventively, reinforcing the defenses against certain types of ills, as in the strict veterinary sense, offering solutions to the ailments of our pets.