FUEGONET Fireproof RUG for Barbecues, Fireplaces and Ovens

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With the help of Fireproof carpet Fuegonet you will protect the floor in front of the fireplace, you will prevent flames, sparks or ashes from damaging the floor or causing a small fire. In addition, it is very useful for barbecues or grills since prevents the flames from spreading and that the meat or fish falls directly on the ground. With the Fuegonet fireproof carpet you will keep clean the areas where you cook such as the oven, the barbecue or the grill.

Fireproof mat for home and outdoor

A fireproof rug like this one from Fuegonet will provide security and tranquility to the whole family when they gather in front of the fireplace, put on their boots with a good barbecue or prepare a delicious cake in the oven. Thanks to its fire retardant properties, it allows the full floor protection against the combustion process generated when lighting fireplaces or barbecues.

8 Reasons to have a fire retardant carpet at home:

  • It prevents the flame from spreading, unlike conventional rugs.
  • It can be used indistinctly indoors and outdoors.
  • High effectiveness for any fire.
  • It extinguishes the fire in its initial phase, called incipient fire.
  • Excellent ability to repel liquid and dirt.
  • Easy to clean with the help of a damp cloth or conventional sponge.
  • It has great anti-slip power on both sides.
  • Great waterproof properties.
  • High resistance to sunlight outdoors.
  • Rug free of unpleasant odours.


Made with VITEX S2 fabric and overlok seam with flame retardant aramid thread and silicone.


  • 50cm x 100cm rug. EAN 8424084007359.
  • 100cm x 150cm rug. EAN 8424084007816.

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