BIOPRANA Bio-Unblocker for Pipes 1 L

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The Bioprana Plumbing Unblocker It is a product to be used in homes and those rooms where a pipe needs to be unblocked. It is 100% natural as far as it respects the environment, it is Made up of enzymes and bacteria. It acts as a disintegrator of organic matter. This product is the safe and economical option for the maintenance and hygiene of pipes. Help to reduce bad odors by preventing jams. Their application is very simple and safe for the user.

Pipe Unblocker is the best product for maintaining Bioprana pipes.

The Biodeblocker for pipes is made from highly efficient microorganisms that are adaptable to all types of organic waste and soil. It can be used for different organic matter decomposition processes, accelerating its degradation and avoiding, during this process, bad odors and the proliferation of undesirable insects. Is very useful for unclogging pipes and for activating septic tanks .


100% natural drain cleaner. Reduces bad odours. It can be used as a septic tank activator.


  • Product for use in homes and other rooms where pipes need to be unblocked.
  • 100% natural.
  • It is made up of enzymes and bacteria.
  • Reduces bad odours.
  • Its application is simple and safe.
  • It also serves to activate septic tanks.

HOW TO USE. How to use the Bioprana Biounblockera?

Shake before using.

For unclog pipes The entire content must be applied to the clogged drain and the product must be allowed to work for at least 8 hours. After this time, it is possible that the pipe becomes clogged, this occurs after the degradation of the material that has formed a plug, to solve this it will be enough to remove it with a pacifier.

To avoid future blockages, we recommend applying 250 ml in 1 liter of water and letting it act for 8 hours every month.

To use it as septic tank activator the product will be applied through the toilet and flushed from the cistern. The matter will degrade, preventing the formation of crusts and eliminating existing ones, thus favoring the elimination of bad odors and activating beneficial bacterial flora for septic tanks.


100% natural product formed by enzymes and bacteria.


1 L bottle of Bioprana Plumbing Bioactivator.*

*Orders that include this product may take longer to be shipped due to logistic reasons. Delivery time may vary around 72 hours . If you urgently need the product, Get in contact with us for more information before making your purchase.


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