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Hay Taco Mix can be offered as a Totally natural snack to help wear down teeth and improve digestion in rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and more. Thanks to the mixed hay cubes, the dental health of your rodent friend will improve and the digestive process will be more favorable.

The best Mix of Tacos of Hay for rodents of Cominter.

This rich food supplement from Cominter for rabbits and rodents will help the health of these small pets to be as optimal as possible. The Mix of Tacos of Hay is complementary to the usual diet of rodents, not a substitute for the main food. Therefore, it serves as an excellent prize or reward in the form of grass hay, dried alfalfa, and corn and barley flakes .

In addition to serving as food, hay makes a nice mattress for your pets to lie down on. It facilitates the creation of nests and is appreciated by small rodents.

Why is hay or natural forage necessary for a rabbit or small rodent?

There are two basic natural causes. On the one hand, the proper functioning of the digestive system you need fiber foods, such as hay. On the other hand, your little friend's teeth are constantly growing and we need to help the tooth wear . In the event that its spurs grow more than normal, it is possible that your little rodent stops eating, due to the severe pain it causes.

Advantages of Mixed Hay Tacos

  • Excellent food to reward good behavior.
  • Totally natural snack.
  • Contains grass hay and dehydrated alfalfa.
  • Tacos of different sizes.
  • Powerful fibers that help wear down teeth.
  • Low calorie hay, just 2.2% fat.

Uses and specifications Cominter Mix Hay Blocks

Essential complement indicated as additional food for the diet of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small rodents.


Grass hay 75%, Dehydrated Alfalfa 10%, cornflakes and barley 15%.

Analytical composition

Crude Protein: 11.50%, Crude Fibers: 27.00%, Crude Fat: 2.20%, Crude Ash: 7.50%, Sodium: 0.10%.


  • 500g 8436568720852
  • 1.3kg 2000003060917
  • 5kg 8436568720883

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