CIANO CF Stone Internal Filter for Aquariums and Turtle Tanks

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Cyan Filter CF Stone is a high performance filtration system inside for the cleaning and treatment with triple purification process (chemical, biological and mechanical) of the water in aquariums and turtle tanks. Its peculiar shape and stone design makes it camouflage with the environment, allowing to change its function of elimination, cleaning and colonization of bacteria through their two independent water circuits without detecting its presence. Has the appMy Ciano, which allows monitoring of the state of the water in real time, creating alerts for the renewal and review of aquariums and turtle tanks. This internal filter is available in two formats : for aquariums with a capacity ofup to 40 liters and of up to 80 liters .

Ciano's CF Stone internal filter is the best water cleaning and care system for aquariums and turtle tanks

¿Who does not want to see their aquarium or turtle tank in perfect condition, both inside and out? Maintenance and cleaning are two essential constants to guarantee the health of aquatic animals and plants. With the help of the Ciano CF Stone internal filter, the filtering, regeneration and purification treatment is assured. In addition to not clashing with the environment thanks to its appearance in the form of stone, its function and result are effective..


Ciano CF Stone internal filter for cleaning and treating water in aquariums and turtle tanks. It is available in two formats: filter for fish tanks up to 40 liters (CF Stone 40) and for fish tanks up to 80 liters (CF Stone 80).


  • Internal filter with triple screening process.
  • Singular appearance of stone, which blends in with the watery bottom without being out of tune.
  • Contains a very dense sponge for effective mechanical filtering.
  • High performance system, easy to install and low maintenance.
  • It has its own application to monitor the state of the water in real time.
  • Removes substances harmful to animals and aquatic plants.
  • Keeps the water free of odors and algae.
  • It maintains the ecosystem and retains particles and organic matter.

The filtering process allows flows between 200 l/h and 380 l/h depending on the capacity of the aquarium/turtle tank through 2 water circuits, with 2 optional outlets and Water Clear "S" + Bio-Bact "S" + Foam "S". It should be noted that the sponge used for mechanical filtering has very dense pores (30 pp), so it is efficient in trapping even the most insignificant particles that contaminate the water.


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 14.7cm x 13.8cm x 5.3cm.
  • Engine: 200l/hr.
  • Maximum height: 35cm.
  • Minimum volume: 20 litres.
  • Maximum volume: 40 litres.


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 19.7cm x 18.5cm x 7.4cm.
  • Engine: 380l/hr.
  • Maximum height: 60cm.
  • Minimum volume: 40 litres.
  • Maximum volume: 80 litres.


  • Internal Filter Ciano CF Stone 40 (20-40 litres). EAN 5607390200055.
  • Internal Filter Ciano CF Stone 80 (40-80 litres). EAN 5607390200079.

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