Fiprex C 52.2 mg Fipronil Antiparasitic Pipette for Cats

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antiparasitic pipettes FiprexC for cats help protect your cat against ticks and fleas. It works by avoiding the bite of the main external parasitic insects, reducing the chances of contracting any disease that these bugs could carry. Take care of your cat's health with the Fiprex C 52.2 mg fipronil pipette, especially for cats.

Fiprex C Spot-On anti tick and flea pipettes for cats.

The efficacy and fulminating action of fipronil favors the elimination of external parasites that affect our pets. Thanks to antiparasitic pipettes with fipronil your cat will get   full protection against ticks and fleas . When the good weather appears, it brings with it the presence of ticks and fleas that threaten to climb on the backs of our pets. Therefore, we have to remedy it and Fiprex C is presented as a liquid solution of 0.7ml for adult cats for direct application on the skin. Thus, get protection against flea or tick bites and the diseases transmitted by these parasites as well as lasting protection.


Antiparasitic pipettes for cats to prevent bites and flea infestations (Ctenocephalides felis) and ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Dermacentor reticulatus). The insecticidal effect of Fiprex C is immediate and protects your pet from new infestations for 8 weeks. The acaricidal effect lasts up to 4 weeks. The death of the ticks could take a week from the application of the pipette. It can be used as a treatment and control of Allergic Dermatitis against flea bites, as long as it has been previously diagnosed by a veterinarian.


  • Protection against fleas, ticks and lice.
  • Fipronil dose adapted to adult cats.
  • Avoid the bite of parasites and the possible diseases they carry.
  • Antiparasitic pipettes with fipronil.
  • Antiparasitic without veterinary prescription.
  • Veterinary use.


The use of Fiprex C in puppies less than 2 months old and/or less than 20 kg is prohibited.

Avoid its use in convalescent or sick animals.

Prohibited its use in rabbits.

Fiprex C has been specifically developed for cats. Avoid use in other species.

Check before use that the target cat does not have hypersensitivity to fipronil or any of the excipients.

Do not apply if the animal's skin shows any damage or wound.


Fipronil 52.2mg


  • Package with 1 pipette x 0.7 ml.
  • Savings pack 6 pipettes x 0.7 ml.

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