Pastor INSPROVET Conductive Wire for Electric Fences

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The lead wire INSPROVET is ideal for assembly of electric fences and shepherds . Very useful to create spaces where to introduce livestock and production animals as well as to protect the area from possible intruders, both thieves and wild animals. Conductive wires for electric fences have the objective to contain the cattle inside and prevent the entry of all kinds of animals . Depending on the height of the animal, more lines of conductive wire should be used per fence.

Electrical conductive wire for the assembly of electric fences and shepherds

This thread can be mounted on farms or land where we seek to control the animals that are inside. With him you can prevent animals from escaping as well as protect them from possible attacks from abroad. production animals such as cows, sheep, goats, pigs or horses They will remain inside the enclosure. A classic method to prevent animals from escaping or prevent other wild animals from entering the enclosure that put the health of our animals at risk.


Conductive thread for the creation of electric fences, electrified enclosures and the like. It can be used interchangeably to prevent the escape of cattle and to protect and delimit certain areas of the field or garden.


  • Breaking load 45 kg.
  • Resistance (Ohm/m) (Ohm) 11.
  • 0.16 mm stainless steel lead wire.


In addition to having the electric wire for the shepherd, if you are looking to install an efficient and effective fence, it is necessary to install poles around the farm. Also, to be able to easily install the thread, we will need insulators so that we have a perfect installation. If the thread is not tight enough, you can choose to buy tensor for maximum comfort when tightening the thread or tape of the entire circuit.


Plastic coated stainless steel.


  • 250 meter coil. EAN 4771533563787
  • 500 meter coil. EAN 4771533563794

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