Breeding Paste KIKI GOLDEN MOUSSE Yellow Biscuit for breeding and moulting season

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yellow brood paste for canaries and other birds based on biscuit and very beneficial ingredients for the health of these pet birds. It provides strength and defenses for the immune system, favors tranquility and stress reduction, improves the health of the feathers and is ideal for breeding and moulting seasons .

Kiki Golden Mousse, breeding paste for granivorous birds

This KIKI Golden Mousse food will complement the diet of canaries, parakeets, exotic birds and other granivores. Composed of essential and natural nutrients, it is indicated for the breeding season. Valid as basic food for breeding birds and pigeons.

Kiki Golden Mousse pasta benefits

  • Provides strength and improvement of the immune system.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Provides better health and appearance to the plumage.
  • Necessary for times of change.
  • Great smell and palatability.

How to use

As you know, birds self-manage food according to their needs. Therefore, we recommend that you make Kiki Golden Mousse available to your winged pets, they will do the rest.

In winter, it is recommended to give a tablespoon per bird 3 times a week. It is not necessary to moisten the paste before ingestion.


Ingredients: wheat flour sponge cake, wheat semolina, refined butter, powdered milk, soy flour, sugar, glucose syrup, black, honey, egg sponge cake, minerals, natural flavours, CEE additives: Tartrazine E-102, ethoxyquin and BTH


Crude protein: 10%
Humidity: 12%
Crude fat: 15%
Ashes: 4%
Crude fiber: 2%


  • 1kg bag (8420717004122)
  • 5 kg bag. (8420717004115)

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