PETNATURA Formula Milk for Puppies and Kittens

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The formula milk of Petnatura is a complementary food to administer to puppy dogs Y kittens. This product is used for replace breast milk or as complement of the same in the situations in which a extra supply of essential nutrients . It is the perfect product for those animals that are deprived of their mother for different reasons, such as being orphaned, low breast milk production, large litters, etc. It can also be administered as dietary supplement after weaning of the animal, thus guaranteeing that the diet is complete and balanced . Before starting artificial feeding, it is advisable to administer maternal colostrum, this is the precursor of breast milk that contains proteins, nutrients and all the essential elements to provide the newborn with health by providing immunization.

Formulated milk for puppies and kittens, the best PetNatura food supplement for pets

The powder formulation of Petnatura formula milk facilitates its administration in the correct amounts. This food can be given from birth to six weeks of age of the puppy and cat. It is recommended offer by bottle during the first two weeks, from the third, it can be given on a platter without the need to use a nipple and fourth week onwards it is possible to mix this milk with growth food and form a porridge , this will benefit the transition phase from liquid to solid food. It is available in two formats, a 250 gr jar and a 500 gr jar.


Powdered formula milk to administer to puppies and kittens from birth until they are 6 weeks old.


  • Milk formula for puppies and kittens.
  • Perfect alternative to replace breast milk.
  • It serves as a complement to breastfeeding.
  • It can be used as a food supplement after weaning the animal.
  • Provides a complete, healthy and balanced diet for the pet.
  • It is formulated in powder.
  • It can be administered from birth until the animal is 6 months old.
  • It will be offered in a bottle for the first two weeks.
  • The third week it can be served on a tray.
  • From the fourth, it is recommended to mix with a growth food and form a porridge.
  • Facilitates the transition phase from liquid to solid food.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: How to administer Petnatura formula milk to puppies and kittenss?

For the administration of infant formula, it is recommended to dilute the level tablespoons recommended by the manufacturer for every 15 ml of hot water (approximately 35-40ºC). During the first two weeks it is advisable to offer the milk in a bottle, the third can be served on a tray while from the fourth it is advisable to mix it with growth food and form a porridge.


Kitten Age Level Scoops Frequency
1st week 1 6 shots/day
2nd week two 5 shots/day
3rd week 3 4 shots7day
4th to 6th Week 5 3 shots/day


Puppy Age Size Level Scoops Frequency
1st week small puppy 1 6 shots/day
1st week Medium Puppy 1.5 6 shots/day
1st week big puppy two 6 shots/day
2nd week small puppy two 5 shots/day
2nd week Medium Puppy 2.5 5 shots/day
2nd week big puppy 3.5 5 shots/day
3rd week small puppy 3 4 shots/day
3rd week Medium Puppy 4 4 shots/day
3rd week big puppy 5 4 shots/day
4th to 6th Week small puppy 5 3 shots/day
4th to 6th Week Medium Puppy 6 3 shots/day
4th to 6th Week big puppy 8 3 shots/day


Milk and dairy products, fatty oils, vegetable protein extracts, mineral substances, yeasts, amino acids.


 Crude protein 30%
Gross Fat Matter 26%
Raw Cellulose 0.1%
Raw ashes 6.5%
Calcium 1.1%
Match 0.7%



 Vitamin A 20000ul
vitamin D3 2000ul
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) 0.7%
Copper (sulfate pentahydrate) 10mg



  • 250 gr. EAN 8435045697120.
  • 500 gr. EAN 8435045697229.
  • 3.5 Kg can. EAN 8435045697236.

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