Sanitizing Cleaner MENFORSAN Cages 750ml

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The sanitizing cleaner by Menforsan maintains hygiene of the cages, guaranteeing better health for any type of bird thanks to the state-of-the-art disinfectant and cleaning components included in your formula. delicately scented, prevents stains and rust . Thanks to your sprayer , the application of the product in areas of difficult access is simple and fast. Its use is recommended for cleaning drinkers, feeders, perches and cage accessories.

The best Menforsan sanitizing cleaner for bird cages

Bird cages accumulate food scraps, residue, and dirt that can convert the habitat of the little birds is a stronghold of harmful microorganisms for your health. If the bacteria do not receive a regular cleaning and disinfection , are likely to proliferate and may cause infestations and health risks of animals and users. Sanitizing cleaners are a useful product and highly recommended to avoid possible infections or physical deterioration of cages, drinkers and accessories.


Sanitizing cleaner with spray for the complete removal of residual residues and dirt from bird cages.


  • Easy-to-use sanitizing cleaner.
  • Recommended for a complete and optimal cleaning of cages and accessories.
  • With spray for easy application.
  • Formula designed based on the latest generation active ingredients.
  • Ideal for disinfecting bars, windows, feeders, innkeepers and drinkers.
  • Prevents the accumulation of dirt and food debris.
  • Keeps the habitat free of infestations and bacteria.
  • Eliminates bacteria that cause bad odor.
  • Normal use recommended.


Spray at a distance of 20 cm on the inner base and on the bars of the cage. After applying to interior and exterior windows, it is advisable to dry with a clean cloth.


750 ml bottle. EAN 8414580029337.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and biocide information before using it.

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