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Sinfonia feed for parakeets is a mixture of seeds, millets, oats and other cereals necessary for a correct feeding of adult parakeets . A food enriched with vitamins and minerals to meet the basic nutritional needs of the domestic parakeet.


Parakeet food.


Yellow millet, red millet, flax seed, decorticated oats, niger seed, wheat flour, yeast, salt and colorants.

    ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS (average value per 100g)

    • Crude protein:10.5%
    • Crude fiber:6.0%
    • Crude fat:5.8%
    • Raw ash:2.9%


    • Pour the seeds into the clean feeder.
    • Keep the feeder clean and full, renewing the seeds daily, removing husks.
    • Make water available to the parakeet at all times, renewing the water in the drinker daily.

    other tips

    • Clean the bottom of the cage once a week.
    • Clean the entire cage once a month.
    • Parakeets like company.
    • They get along very well in a group.
    • Place the cage in a high and clear place for the bird to see.
    • Take care and respect animals are our friends.


    1kg bag. EAN 8410909418257

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