Natural repellent powder MENFORSAN 250g against lice for birds

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Direct use powder for treatment against all kinds of insects, lice and mites that are found in the feathers and also in the environment of the birds such as nests, perches, base of the cage and nearby walls.

Contains MARGOSA extract (NEEM), a natural insecticide that has no secondary or residual effects. Recommended for use as a preventive or complementary treatment to the use of insecticides of chemical origin in all types of birds. (canaries, parakeets, parrots, chickens, etc.).

Contains deodorizing agents that provide a pleasant fragrance.


The talquera contains several holes of different diameters in the upper part to cover all application needs.

use on the bird

Sprinkle the product directly on the bird's body, lifting the feathers to reach their base.

Use in the environment

Sprinkle the product in the holes of perches, tray, nests, and also on walls and corners near the cage.


250 gr pot.

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