Galvanized sheet metal hopper to store feed and feeder for dogs

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galvanized hopper to store food for dogs and other pets. It can also be used as a drinking fountain. Different sizes, from the cheapest for mini dogs to the highest price for furry 4-legged dogs that leave no trace of feed in the feeder. You have before you the opportunity to take advantage of the fantastic storage capacity of these galvanized hoppers made in Spain . Take the largest feeder with free shipping 24/48 hours.

Galvanized hopper for food storage for dogs, cats and other pets.

Its manufacture is carried out in our country, being a national product that meets strict quality and safety measures. Excellent results to solve the lack of space and storage of feed for our dogs and other pets or domestic animals. This type of feeder allows feed to be stored and to drop as the dog eats, making it ideal for leaving feed available to the animal for several days, for example during vacations.


  • This galvanized hopper manufactured in Spain following strict quality controls.
  • Made of galvanized sheet metal.
  • Upper lid to keep the food in good condition and prevent birds or other animals from accessing the feed.
  • Different capacities depending on the size and breed of dogs and the type of feed to be stored (kibble sizes, variety of shapes, etc.)
  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Ideal to leave feed available to the animal during your absence.
  • Protects the feed from dust and water.
  • With double cover to protect the upper part of the hopper and the part where the animals eat the feed.
  • Easy to fill.

How a galvanized dog food hopper works

The operation of this feeder or hopper for dogs is simple. You open the lid at the top, empty the feed and that's it. Depending on the size of the hopper, you will need to climb a ladder or step to comfortably and safely empty the contents of the bags.


There are 4 different sizes of hoppers to store the food for your dogs with the maximum guarantee.

for small dogs

Capacity for 4.5 kg of feed.

Measurements: length 24 cm, width 20 cm, height 44 cm

medium dogs

Capacity for 11 kg.

Measurements: 32 x 28 x 61 cm.

big dogs

Capacity: 16kg.

Measurements: 36 x 36 x 61 cm.

Super Galva

Capacity: 25kg.

Measurements: 36 x 36 x 85 cm.

Capacities and indicative measures. It can contain more amount of feed depending on the size of the croquette.

Manufacturer: Gomez and Crespo.

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